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Wixarika Healing Ceremony

Yoga Forest | San Marcos, Guatemala

Jan. 5, 7, & 9, 2020


Join us for this incredible opportunity to receive the sacrament from the desert of Wirikuta in Mexico and receive the wisdom from the elders of the Wixarika (Huichol) community. These healing prayer circles are held in the traditional way of the Wixarika, the guardians of Peyote, which gift us the opportunity to sit around the sacred fire (Tatewari) and commune with the Creator in our own unique way. The shaman (marak'ame) sings/channels 5 songs throughout the night to honor the movement of the sun, then there's an energetic cleansing (limpia) that happens with feathers and copal. In between these 5 songs, the participants have the opportunity to sing songs and make prayers/offerings to the fire.


There are 2 elders from the San Andreas area in Jalisco coming to guide the ceremonies and one of them plays their culture's traditional instrument, a hand-made violin and the other (the marak'ame) is an incredible healer who's highly sought after around Mexico for healing all sorts of ailments and bringing energetic, physical, and spiritual balance back into alignment.

Energetic Exchange

1 night: $125

2 nights: $200

3 nights: $300

Includes: Ceremonial participation and cleansing, Wirikuta sacrament, and a soup with tortillas in the morning.

Each night there will be a maximum of 35 people and spaces are secured by sending in a deposit via PayPal...

To solidify your space, please send a $50 deposit (friends & family) to

Pamparios! (Thank you!)