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We are all part of the Loveolution - each time we choose love in the face of fear,

we are strengthening the movement that stands for love, truth and beauty!

Most of our retreats have been postponed for 2021.

We are now holding private retreats for individuals and intimate groups.

Please contact us for more information.

In 2019, we shared Loveolution Workshops, Ceremonies & Retreats in the USA, Bali, Peru, Costa Rica, Sri Lanka, Thailand & Guatemala. We are dedicating our lives to spreading the Loveolution around the world, anchoring prayers of love & peace and creating fields of harmony and oneness where we feel deeply connected to those around us as one love, one heart, one spirit, one family.

We are passionate about transformation and committed to creating safe containers of radical acceptance and unconditional love where we experience a deep connection to our essence and remember our divinity. 

It is our prayer that you will be empowered with tools for living a more authentic, loving life, release blockages and stories once and for all and feel truly liberated.

All are welcome to REJOICE, DANCE, SING AND PRAY for peace & unity, to clear all conflict in our hearts that is in the way of peace, so that peace & harmony may be what we see reflected in the world around us.


Cacao Ceremony


Yoga of Radical Love


In Mayan lands, Theobroma Cacao which translates as the food of the Gods, has been used in ceremony for many years as a way to bring community together and open our hearts.

With prayer, ritual, heart opening partner yoga, ecstatic dance and a singing circle, we create a field of RADICAL LOVE so powerful, where we can gracefully return to our true essence - pure presence, truth, bliss, love and deep, deep peace.


We share Loveolution Cacao Ceremonies around the world at festivals, retreats and special events where you are guaranteed to experience expansive joy and smile so much your cheeks hurt!

You are invited to come together to pray, purify and celebrate the blessing of this life! 

Through fire & water ceremony, shamanic rituals, sound healing, yoga, dance, breathwork, sharing circles and singing circles, we have the opportunity to release layers of illusion that limit us & reclaim our original innocence so that we may embody our divinity, experience true freedom, unity, shine in our fullest potential, strengthen our path of dharma & step into our radiance & power with joy.

We share Yoga of Radical Love workshops at festivals and in couples retreats around the world, where you will receive practical tools for deepening intimacy & authenticity in relationships.

With practices rooted in Tantra & Mindfulness, we'll identify patterns, release blockages and the stories that bind us, liberating the past and allowing us to be radically present.


We’ll discover the joy of being alive, sensual creatures, making love to life with each breath, through heart opening yoga, partner exercises & ritual. You will leave open & inspired to give and receive a greater level of LOVE and presence with all of your relations!

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