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Ixchel & Dustin


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Our Story


Since the moment that our souls recognized each other in 2015, we knew that we have been brought together to amplify our shared mission - to catalyze a graceful transition from duality to oneness, and from fear to love so humanity can live in remembrance of our divinity & connection to all of creation.  

We have been each others greatest teachers over the past 5+ years, growing in love, deepening our commitment to our relationship and dedicating ourselves in service to our shared mission through our Loveolution offerings.


Together we create containers of community with a foundation of radical acceptance, non-judgement and unconditional love where everyone feels safe enough to peel away the layers of conditioning.

It is our greatest joy and passion to create transformational experiences that empower people to live as their most authentic, highest selves!

Ixchel Love

Dustin Kyle Brooks


I am passionately dedicating my life to the liberation of all beings through my service, what is known as the Boddhisatva vow. Of course this starts with myself and is a continual journey of remembrance of who I really am. I have been committed to the path of Self Realization for over 20 years, peeling back the layers of illusion and conditioning to intimately know my true essence.  

One of my first aha moments came about 20 years ago at the Landmark Forum when I got on a deep level that I am the creator of my reality. This allowed me to release the parts of myself that were playing the victim and actively create the life of my dreams. I broke free from self limiting beliefs, opened an art gallery, import shop and holistic interior design business, bought an apartment in NYC, opened my heart to an amazing relationship with a gorgeous, loving man and continued to travel the world. I created everything I could imagine, but still felt there was a part of me seeking something more.  

Then I discovered plant medicine and found that what I was seeking was within me. Sitting with Ayahuasca for the first time was like coming home. I got to connect with the part of myself beyond name, time and space that has always been and will always be - free of the ego that was identified with any of my triumphs or failures. For the past 15 years Ayahuasca and Huachuma have been my greatest teachers, and in the past four years Peyote has been polishing my heart. Deep immersion in nature, dance, meditation and yoga have been my pillars of peace for the past 20 years.  In 2012 the portal of music opened up for me and I started playing guitar and receiving songs.

The most authentic way I can serve is from embodied experience, sharing the things that support my path. I holistically weave together my passions, offering ceremonies, workshops and retreats with nature immersion, yoga, breathwork, sound healing, singing circles, dance, sweat lodge, shamanic and cacao ceremonies, satsang & sharing circles.

A part of my purpose is to create community. I am the mother of a passionate 13 year old artist who has been raised with inspiration by a village in the community I co-founded with his dad 13 years ago. We all still live together and our son has two mamas and two papas.

I am dedicated to creating a sense of community in each workshop or retreat that we offer, holding a space of pure unconditional love, radical presence & authenticity from which to inspire the remembrance of our divinity, empowerment of our full potential & embodiment of the truth of who we are – pure love.


I am incredibly grateful to introduce myself into your life as Dustin Kyle Brooks. I consider myself a humble student of life who is focused upon truly actualizing and embodying my highest potential and supporting others in doing so every step of the way.

Helping to inspire the rise of the awakened masculine is one of my main missions. I offer workshops and retreats that provide safe and sacred spaces for the brotherhood to come together, remember how to support each other, express from an authentic place of presence and activate our masculine essence that is equally strong and soft. I am also passionate about helping to initiate young men and have been working with The Green School Rites of Passage programs for the past four years.

My big wake up came in 2012 when I was working for the San Francisco Giants professional baseball organization and we won the World Series. With this achievement, I had fulfilled my childhood dream however I still felt hollow inside and realized that no external situation would create fulfillment.

This began my journey on the path of self-enquiry, which led me to India, where I tapped deeper into the esoteric wisdom of hatha yoga, meditation, and Ayurveda during a Yoga Teacher Training and several meditation retreats.  Trekking throughout the Himalayas allowed me to truly see and therefore reconnect the immense beauty present upon this planet inspiring me to step into greater stewardship of the sacred earth and waters.

I am happiest when immersed in nature, working with my hands and learning from the elements, specifically the sacred fire. The fire has taught me the importance of preparation, persistence, and presence alongside how to listen and how to work with prayer as a tool of creation when speaking to the “ear of god” as the Mayans call the fire.

In 2015 I met my greatest teachers in the form of Ayahuasca and Ixchel Love. This allowed me to open my heart and dissolve the subconscious fear that was holding me back from fully expressing myself. For the past five years I have dedicated myself to the beauty way of music, the medicine path and conscious partnership as tools for self realization and evolution. I am blessed to be a “second papa” for Ixchel’s son Kavi and to be creating an eco-village for our family.

Being an "Emotional Manifestor" in Human Design and "Blue Solar Hand" in the Mayan Dreamspell it's obvious that I'm here to create big change, invoke healing, and inspire others to be themselves. Giving thanks for all of my friends, family, and teachers who have uplifted me to be the man that I am in this moment.


"The Loveolution has changed my life in every way imaginable. Since I met Ixchel and Dustin two years ago and sat in my ceremony with them, I’ve witnessed my relationships, career and overall experience of life transform profoundly. It’s why I’ve continued to sit with them a handful of times since then, why I invite others to join this powerful vibration without hesitation, and why I continue to support this vision with all of my heart. Their reverence and respect for this work is met with an impeccable capacity to create and hold sacred space, while casting a circle of love that I’ve witnessed dissolve fear back into its original form. Whether this is your first time sitting or you’ve sat many times before, I couldn’t recommend enough gifting yourself the experience of the Loveolution, receiving its blessing, and joining this family that spans the globe. Mucho amor familia! Viva!"

                                                                                                                                                                                           - Adam, United States

"I can not thank you enough for our last retreat. I feel it has completely transformed my life. I’m another person in so many ways, and it feels wonderful.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH! I feel your work is far greater than any of us can even imagine. SO GRATEFUL!!!"

                                                                                                                                                                                            - Sara, Denmark

"Ixchel’s intent is so pure (truly and honestly, in my humble opinion) She presents creative innovation of the kind of ceremony that is unique to our times, to what I think humanity needs desperately in the world...right NOW!  She combines the sacred space of Ceremony, with the interwoven follow up of intimate and divinely guided community, creatively helping us all to be healers in community to one another. This kind of mold breaking creativity, to me, is nothing short of truly innocent modern genius. I learned so much from Ixchel’s courage to be and do what is so needed in this time of transition. I encourage YOU, whoever you are, to see and experience what Ixchel is doing. Trust her innocence of pure will take you to a place where you will meet and be guided by your own innocence. There, your OWN greater self, will seemingly reach back for you, perhaps through time and space, take you by your own hand, and show you something that you didn’t even know, that you didn’t know. This is what happened to me with Ixchel, over and over again, during the timeless retreat I shared with her.  I trust her to set her sails upon any seas, and deliver me to myself, on the shore of a land of LOVE and HARMONY....the stuff that DREAMS are made of. Thank you Ixchel. I will FALL in enlightened GRACE with you again someday. There are no words for this feeling I have in my heart for you."

                                                                                                                                                                                            - Keith, United States

"Thank you for creating such a nurturing environment - your mother nature was truly shining brightly with so much tender love and care for each of us. It felt as if everything was prepared just for me; the teachings and ceremonial songs you shared, were calling directly to my true heart. You allowed a deep wisdom to flow through to all in sharing your beautiful voice, confident experience as well the vulnerable moments, creating an honest space for unlimited discovery together. I was able to take away from the experience more that I could have expected or hoped for. I step forward into my renewed self with a deep gratitude for the great abundance that I am blessed with in my life.

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Chelsea, Australia

"I knew Ixchel before the retreat, in fact she was one of the main reasons I decided to do it. I feel full admiration and appreciation for her loving, generous and compassionate heart and am inspired by her talent and creativity – she is a genius. I didn’t expect it to be such a powerful experience. Expressing my feelings like fears, needs & longing in the group gave me so much clarity about myself and my intentions in life. My being felt nourished, inspired, supported and full from this amazing experience.

                                                                                                                                                                                             - Catalina, Spain

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