It's time to prepare for our gathering!


soon our hearts will gather... 

Aloha Beloveds,

I am so excited to share a transformational journey with you!

We are so blessed to have this special opportunity to be together to pray, celebrate, cleanse and remember the truth of who we are.  As you may know, the spirit of the Grandmother & Grandfather begin to work with you when you say yes to this opportunity.  Our experience working with these master teachers becomes more profound with mindful preparation.

It is good to begin preparing leading up to the gathering by spending time with the earth and giving ourselves some time to just be.

It is beautiful to get clear on our intentions, what we are releasing at this time in our life, and what we are calling forth through meditation, journaling, simply being and give ourselves space to be present to feeling whatever is arising.


I have experimented with many diets and I always encourage people to listen to their body’s wisdom above all else.  Generally keep your diet vegetarian, (fish & chicken can be ok) and simple without too much food combining, spices, salt or sugar.  However it is pretty important to avoid recreational drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol, chili, red meat, pork, fermented food & drink, citrus, beans, dairy, coffee, processed/fried food and keep sugar & salt to a minimum for at least 2 days prior and if possible 5-7 days before and after for the energetics to continue to work with you.  Try to abstain from salt on the day we meet.  This is a wonderful opportunity for cleansing on every level.  

Sexual Intimacy

When we are sexually intimate with someone our energies merge on many levels.  This energy stays with us very strongly for at least a few days and beyond.  It is not recommended that you make love for 2-3 days before ceremony, especially with someone you are not in the container of relationship with.  Be mindful about making love a few days before ~ ask yourself ~ do you want to have this person's energy with you on your journey?

The residue of intense conversations, and any violence including movies also stays in our energetic body for a few days.  It is really recommended to refrain from these and all media a few days before and after our time together.  

I suggest that we unplug from technology as much as possible during our retreat, so you may wish to let people know this. 

Please complete the registration medical form and if you are taking any medication, please contact me to determine if it is appropriate for you to attend.

Remember ~ all is welcome so come as you are and know that you will be held in love.  

Love & Blessings,

Rachel Ixchel