ALL of you is welcome - the Loveolution experience is a safe space of non-judgement where we can strip away our masks and truly come home to ourselves.

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Lago Atitlan Loveolution

Casa de Liberacion | San Marcos, Guatemala

Jan. 13 - 15, 2020


You are invited to join us in a journey of profound love, connection, community, prayer, purification and celebration for a Loveolution Retreat hosted by our dear brother Samuel Soloman at the exquisite Casa de Liberacion in San Marcos, Guatemala nestled just above Lago Atitlan. He's created this temple space specifically for retreats and every aspect of the property is designed with intention and care. We'll also be one of the first ones to experience an incredible 9 x 9 meter sound dome that he's creating now!

You will receive tools to peel back the layers to the deeper truths within, release unconscious belief systems & programs that limit you, so that you may shine in your fullest potential and walk your path of love & service with joy. In a safe space of community, we’ll drop the masks, let go of judgement and experience the intimacy of authenticity. This will empower you to live in your fullest potential and ripple out into all areas of your life.


Our ceremonies are shared within a retreat format so that you receive teachings & practices throughout our time together to assist you in opening deeper into grace & presence therefore supporting the integration process back into your daily life.


Please arrive at 5pm on Jan. 13th to ground in and have a cup of tea before our opening circle.  We'll start with a gentle yin yoga practice where we will share tools on how to navigate in our ceremony and in life as well as information on the teachings we will receive. Yin Yoga is a powerful tool for helping us unwind the mind, connect to our bodies, become present and use our breath as a tool for surrender, softening and release of tension.


The first evening, we will have an all night meditation with teachings of the grandmother.  We will sing and pray through the night, and conclude with a prayer for the waters at sunrise followed by a nourishing soup.


We gather around 1pm on the second day to receive the teachings of the grandfathers, connect deeply with the earth, clear stagnant energy, reclaim our innocence and joy with embodiment practices of shamanic yoga flow, dance, breathwork, mindfulness meditation & partner exercises. We will have snacks in the afternoon and in the evening we'll have a fire ceremony of prayer and music followed by a feast.


After resting, we'll gather for pranayama, breakfast, and an in-depth sharing circle. We'll then share tools for integration and will complete our closing ceremony sometime around 3pm on Jan. 15th


We shall emerge with a heart overflowing with love, inspiration to be the change we wish to see and fresh eyes to see ourselves and each other with pure presence, holding the space for infinite possibilities!

Energetic Exchange

Private Tent (3) | $395 - $495
Shared Dormitory (10) | $450 - $600
Private Queen (1) | $695 - $895
Private Cabana (3) | $695 - $895


The prices above are based on a sliding scale format...
Please inquire for more information regarding the accommodation options.


Spaces will fill up quickly, to confirm your space please send a deposit (friends & family) of $150 via PayPal to

Once your deposit is sent, please fill out the brief form below...

Then we'll send you a link with all of the other necessary information!