Shakti Spirit Fest - April 8 & 9

You are invited to co-create a living prayer for birthing the NEW EARTH! Welcome to Shakti Spirit Fest - a safe container where you can explore the depths of your essence with your sisters in a 2 day ceremony of connection, celebration, transformation and remembrance.

All of you is welcome in the circle, the wild primal Shakti & the tender inner child. We release competition & comparison and lift each other up in celebration of each woman’s unique essence! 

We remember our divinity with:

* Cacao Ceremony
* Ritual & Prayer
* Sacred Feminine Dance & Mudras
* Trance Dance
* Song Circles 
* Breathwork
* Wisdom Talks
* Meditation
* Yin Yoga
* Face Yoga
* Sexual Vitality Chi Gung
* Sound Healing
* Tea Ceremony
* Sauna & Body Scrubs
* Fire Ceremony
* Sacred Storytelling
* High Vibe Food & Elixirs



Exact Ubud Location given when registration is confirmed.


Monday April 8th 10-10 & Tuesday April 9th 2-10


A COUNCIL OF 13 WISDOM KEEPERS will weave together in facilitating this living prayer. We will collaborate on some of the offerings, and also offer the sessions below…

IXCHEL LOVE – Curator and Shakti Fest Visionary, Ixchel will offer the Cacao Ceremony & Ecstatic Breathwork www.loveolutionworldwide.com

DRAUPADI GERSHEWITCH – Our elder Draupadi will share a Sacred Fire Ceremony with Indigenous Wisdom Storytelling 

LINDSEY WISE – Lindsey will be sharing Yoga & Mantras of the Goddesses - https://www.lindseywise.com/

JESS MAGIC - Jess will be sharing her legendary Songversation experience - http://www.jessmagic.com/about

SCHIRIN CHAMS-DIBA – Schirin will offer Sacred Feminine Belly/Persian dance & Mudras - www.schirinchamsdiba.com

AUSIERRA GOFORTH - Ausierra will share a Wild Voices Ceremony - www.elahandausierra.com 

SHRADA DEVI – Shrada will share Sexual Vitality Chi Gung - http://www.wildsacredfeminine.com/

CHARLENE PARKER – Charlene will share a Heart Sharing Circle - www.charleneparker.com

PUTU MAHAGIRI – Putu will share a Balinese Opening Prayer and Blessing

AMA TE AMA – Ama will share a Trance Dance Journey.

AMMA RAM – Amma will share a sacred Tea Ceremony.

ANAYA ASHAMAYA – Anaya will share a Face Yoga workshop.

ANJUNA SARAN - Anjuna will share a Golden  Isis Transmission - www.soullightbeing.com

ASHIANA KALA - Ashiana will share a Theta healing based Divine Encoding to reprogram belief systems.

SARI POLLEN – Sari is the founder of Sari Hati, a project that supports women in creating sisterhood & empowerment through education & entrepreneurship. We will be supporting them with a donation of 13% of profits. 


$222 Cost for 2 day ceremony with lunch and dinner included on day 1 and dinner included on day 2. Snacks & drinks extra.

$108 10 Scholarships available for women who could not otherwise afford to come – please submit the reason you deserve this scholarship when filling out registration. 

5 Scholarships available at no cost for Balinese Women 

Support us in giving back to the local women - 13% of Profit goes to Sari Hati Women’s Empowerment Project in Bali


Email putu.mahagiri@gmail.com for registration form


Cash is preferred and can be paid in person with cashier at Soma Cafe on Jalan Gautama - they will give you a ticket and take your name and email for registration. You can pay in USD $222 or in Rupiah 3,100,000.


Paypal friends and family (in $USD) to: rachellovelove@gmail.com. You are responsible for any fees.




Day 1 We will all be together in a focused container with a magical flow of experiences to activate our Shakti. We will have lunch and dinner together, so if you need breakfast, have it before you arrive at 9:45 for a 10:00 start. Keep in mind we will be starting the day with a cacao ceremony.

Day 2 We start and close together in a circle and in between will have the opportunity to rejuvenate in the sauna, flower petal cold plunge, do body scrubs, face masks with optional workshops and experiences like tea ceremony, sacred feminine dance, fire ceremony, sacred storytelling and more. We will have dinner together, so have lunch before you arrive at 2:00.

  • Optional shuttle available leaving from Coco Mart on Jalan Hanuman at 1:30 and returning at 10:30 for 50,000 each way.


Day 1 – Activating Shakti

10:00-10:00 A Magical Shala hidden in the Jungles Ubud

10:00 – 1:00 Welcome Circle & Opening Cacao Ceremony with a Prayer for the Sacred Waters and the Women of the World with Medicine Wheel Ritual & Balinese Opening Prayer with Ixchel, Putu & Wise Women Council

Goddess Chants with Lindsey, Mudras with Schirin flowing into Trance Dance with Ama

Yin Yoga wind down with Lindsey & Live Crystal Bowl Sound Healing

Giant Womb Spoon Closing Circle

1:30 – 2:30 Lunch

2:45 – 4:00 Satsang Wise Women Council on How to Open into greater receptivity, and magnetise all that we need - support in all realms to manifest our mission with grace and ease, and perhaps a powerful Shiva to walk by our side!

4:20-5:20 Ecstatic Breathwork – Drawing upon the endless Wellspring of Shakti to Activate our life force energy, Rejuvenate and fill our cups so we can magnetise all that we need to serve humanity in our highest capacity with Ixchel Love

5:30 – 6:45 Sacred Feminine Dance & Mudras with Schirin Chams Diba

7:00 – 8:15 Dinner

8:30 – 9:30 Closing Songversation Ceremony with Jess Magic

Closing Circle Ixchel

nourishing yin.jpg

Day 2 – Nourishing the Yin

2:00-10:00 A Magical Space 20 minutes from Ubud

2:00 Arrive, connect with your sisters and this magical land!

2:30-3:30 Opening Prayer Sister Circle 

3:30-8:00 Lush Self Care with optional workshops - Sauna, flower petal cold plunge, swimming, body scrubs, face masks. In between soak up some sunshine near the spring water pool, have a swim, contemplate in silence in a tree house or swing or connect with your sisters in tea ceremony or around the sacred fire.

Optional Workshops

Inside Temple 

3:45-4:45 Sexual Vitality Chi Gung & Breast Massage Ritual with Sonja Shrada Devi

5:00-6:00 Divine Encoding and Golden Isis Code Transmissions to shift belief systems, with Ashiana Kala & Anjuna Saran

6:15-7:30 Heart Sharing Circle with Charlene Parker

Outside Fire Space 

6:15-7:30 Lighting the Sacred Fire Prayers Storytelling and Songs with Draupadi

7:45-8:45 Dinner catered by the Women’s Empowerment Group we are supporting

9:00-10:00 Wild Voices Closing Ceremony with Ausierra Goforth