Equinox Loveolution

Raices Inkas | Sacred Valley, Peru

Sept. 12-21, 2020


Are you ready for a profound transformation in your life?


Are you ready to release the unconscious patterns that are holding you back from living your fullest potential?


Would you like to feel deep peace and connection to who you truly are beyond the stories of your mind? 


Working with the powerful plant medicine teachers of Ayahuasca and Huachuma, as well as the spirits of the Apus or sacred mountains we'll be supported in peeling away the layers of ego and conditioning to reveal the luminous divinity that lies within all of us.

Additionally, we'll experience a Temazcal Ceremony of purification, a heart opening Cacao Ceremony and a traditional Despacho Ceremony of offerings to the spirits of the land for welcoming us and supporting our transformation.

We'll share practices of still and active meditation, yin and yang yoga, dance and breathwork that will support you in releasing physical, mental and emotional blockages, opening your energy centers and embodying your truth.  These tools can become your foundation for carrying deep peace with you into your daily life by having outlets to channel emotions, express and activate your life force energy and become an observer of your thoughts.

We are committed to each person in this retreat experiencing a powerful remembrance of the truth of who you are.  Each day will include sessions and rituals where we'll have the opportunity to shine the light of love to illuminate our unconscious beliefs, patterns and agreements. With a group size limited to 13, each person will receive personalized coaching in our group sessions around breaking patterns that are holding you back from living a life of freedom.  We'll work together on creating new programs and beliefs that feel true to you on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level to support lasting transformation.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is one of our favorite places on Earth! The ancient wisdom and spiritual energy is palpable.  Stunning mountains tower over verdant valleys and cobblestone streets where people still wear their colorful indigenous clothing. The local people live according to the practice of Ayni or sacred reciprocity, always giving back before taking anything.

Both Dustin & Ixchel have a deep and profound relationship with the Sacred Valley of Peru and are so grateful for the spirits of the land and the people that have contributed immensely to their spiritual journey.  This will be their 4th Peru retreat they are offering together and the 6th Ixchel is offering.

We'll be joined by Marci Lock, a renowned transformational coach who will be supporting some of the sessions around shifting unconscious agreements and beliefs. Here's a brief bio for Marci, also known as SunDari – 


"The Alchemist of Light and Liberation, is a Global Change Agent for deep & rapid transformation. She specializes in breaking through the underlying unconscious commitments, deprogramming and un-learning what is unconsciously operating as well a how to then bring it into micro alignment and daily integration & embodiment. She bridges the gap and shows us how to own ALL parts of who we are from the Multidimensional Mystic, Millionaire & Holy Human. She has worked with some of the biggest businesses and leaders in the world in coming into alignment with their Highest Self and in all they do, create and BE.  
These individuals have had to be committed to a $1Million + investment to mentor with her personally and so we are really grateful we get to have her level of expertise and gifts in such a sacred container, allowing us to go deep into cleansing, integration and embodiment."

Check out her website and specific link to this retreat here...


Of ultimate importance, is how we carry forth the insights we receive during these transformational experiences into our lives to be more loving, compassionate humans.  We will have two group integration calls to support our lasting transformation.  Ixchel also offers optional continued coaching & mentorship sessions and programs. 


This retreat is suitable for all ages and levels of experience, all we need is an open heart. Great care will be taken to ensure that everyone feels prepared for the ceremonies, has support in integration and feels safe and comfortable at all times. All are welcome!


The retreat is planned as a journey that unfolds with each day providing different experiences to peel away the layers to the truth within...


1st - Arrival at 12 to Munay Sonqo ~ Lunch ~ Welcome Cacao & Despacho Ceremony ~ Dinner
2nd - Chakra Breathwork - Identifying & Releasing Our Core Wounds ~ Breakfast ~ Rest ~ Light Lunch ~ Yin Yoga - Ayahuasca Ceremony ~ Soup
3rd - Integration Session & Fruit ~ Huachuma Ceremony - Breathwork, Waterfall Hike, Fire Ceremony ~ Dinner
4th - Yoga ~ Breakfast ~ Rest ~ Lunch ~ Creating New Empowering Patterns & Beliefs ~ Temazcal ~ Dinner
5th - Fruit ~ Huachuma Ceremony - Dynamic Meditation, Ecstatic Dance, Fire Ceremony ~ Dinner
6th - Breakfast ~ Vistadome Train ~ Lunch ~ Machu Picchu Journey with Local Spiritual Guides - Hot Springs ~ Dinner
7th - Breakfast ~ Vistadome Train ~ Lunch ~ Sound Healing Concert with Tupaq Sonqo ~ Closing Ceremony

Energetic Exchange

Pricing is all inclusive for the duration of our time together and does not include airfare...

*Shared Double Room - $3700

Single - $4400

Deluxe Single - $4700

*(Two partial scholarship spaces are available - please contact us for more information)

Space is limited to 13 participants!

To register please send deposit of 25% via PayPal (friends & family) to dustinkylebrooks@gmail.com

Then please fill out the form below and we'll send you the rest of the necessary information via e-mail!

Munay Sonqo

Our retreat will be held at Munay Sonqo in Arin, a stunning retreat and yoga center built by a yogini and friend right in the center of the Sacred Valley, about an 1.5 hour drive from Cusco. The retreat center is situated right at the base of a majestic waterfall and the energy of the land is so potent that just being there is enough to activate transformation!

All accommodations are built with natural materials, the gardens are abundant with flowers & hummingbirds and there is love in every detail around the land. It's perfect for connecting to the beauty and splendor of the natural world.

Our stay at Munay Sonqo also supports their non-profit association that offers educational programs to local schools and communities. They're currently supporting 4 local schools by supplementing their meals and building organic gardens for their nourishment. Among others, they're also supporting the local farmers by teaching them sustainable and regenerative ways to grow organically. 

The food at Munay Sonqo is incredibly delicious and prepared with love. Most of their food comes from their gardens or the local farmers.

See more photos and find more information here about Munay Sonqo.


ALL of you is welcome - the Loveolution experience is a safe space of non-judgement

where we can strip away our masks and truly come home to ourselves.

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