Women's Gathering

Bali | May 6 - 8, 2020


You are invited to join us in a journey of profound love, connection, community, prayer, purification and celebration for a very special Loveolution Retreat in celebration of sisterhood!  Our incredible venue has exquisite temple space, an infinity pool and a big lawn area directly on a river where we are immersed in nature surrounded by trees.

We'll awaken the Shakti or life force energy with Sensual & Yin Yoga, Sacred Feminine Dance, Womb Breathwork, Sexual Vitality Chi Gung & Tantric Rituals for Transformation and Rebirth into Radical Self Love & Full Embodiment of the Divine Feminine! 


With the support of the teachings of the Grandmother & Grandfather, we will release any parts of ourselves still in comparison and competition with other women and remember what it feels like to be celebrated and lifted up by sisterhood. The world needs ALL of us women to shine in our fullest potential and walk our path of dharma with joy and support from each other!

The ceremonies are shared within a four day retreat, during which we receive teachings & practices to assist in opening deeper into grace & presence.  You will be fully supported leaning into whatever arises.  Throughout the retreat, you'll receive coaching and tangible tools to transform unconscious beliefs & patterns, as well as integrate the insights that are revealed into our daily lives.

Together we will cast a circle of unconditional love, where all of you is welcome, where it is safe to drop the masks, peel back the layers to the deeper truths within and release unconscious belief systems & programs that limit us.  There is no-one above or below and you don’t need to come knowing anything - in fact it is best we let go of all that we know and be open to discover what we don’t know we don’t know.  In a field of unity consciousness, the illusion of separation dissolves creating an experience of deeper connection to each other and to all life.  Our commitment is to make sure everyone feels safe, honored, loved and as prepared as we can be to enter into the great unknown.

To assist in integration and transforming unconscious patterns post retreat, we will have a 90 Minute Group Integration Call.  One on one integration sessions are highly recommended and are available for the discounted rate of $108 an hour to retreat participants.


 From this experience, we shall emerge with hearts overflowing with gratitude and inspiration to be the change we wish to see!  With a greater connection to the present moment, we will see ourselves and the people in our lives with fresh eyes, creating the space for infinite possibilities!


The schedule is designed as a complete journey with each experience mindfully crafted to create a profound experience of wholeness.

The retreat begins at 5pm on May 6th (please arrive at 4:30) and finishes around 4pm on May 8th.

We will all stay on site together in the container of the retreat during this time.  You will be invited to turn devices off and focus awareness within.

Day 1 - Opening Circle, Yin Yoga, Intention Circle, Grandmother Ceremony, Soup

Day 2 - Grandfather Ceremony - Shamanic Yoga, Breathwork, Shakti Dance, Sound Healing, Partner Exercises, Fire Ceremony, Dinner

Day 3 - Morning Practice, Brunch, Integration & Closing Circle - Finish around 4:00.

*May 22nd 9am Bali time - 90 Minute Group Integration Call

**TBD Optional one on one Integration Coaching Calls

Energetic Exchange

 The energetic exchange is a sliding scale of $555- $777 USD

and is all inclusive, with sleeping arrangements in the temple space.

*There are some private rooms available for an additional contribution

of $100 for a shared double or $200 for a private room for the first two nights.

Spaces will fill up quickly, to confirm your space please send a deposit
(friends & family) of $150 via PayPal to rachellovelove@gmail.com

Once your deposit is sent, please click the "register here" button below and submit the form.
Then we'll send you a link with all of the other necessary information!

ALL of you is welcome - the Loveolution experience is a safe space of non-judgement

where we can strip away our masks and truly come home to ourselves.

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