Loveolution Retreats


our retreat style


We have the opportunity to cleanse & purify the body, heart and mind, to see the truth within us & release layers of illusion that limit us, so that we may embody our divinity, shine in our full potential & walk our path of love & service with joy.  

Our prayer that you will remember that you are pure love, that your true nature is deep peace, that you are already whole, that there is nothing to heal. 

Our mission is to create the New Earth, through igniting a spark of passion in hearts everywhere, to live a life of love, remembrance of our divinity & connection to all of creation and to catalyze a graceful transition from duality to oneness. 

During our retreats we will have 1-3 sessions a day customized to support and complement our ceremony work including gentle hatha flow, kundalini & yin yoga, dance, chi gung, transformational breathwork, chanting, hands on healing, mindfulness meditations, dynamic meditation, tantric partner exercises, chanting, satsang, self enquiry where we illuminate the stories holding us back, circles for deep sharing, and more.

* Nourish yourself with fresh mountain air, delicious healthy food, Yoga, Dance, Pranayama, Chi Gung, Sound Healing & Devotional singing circles

* Transform w/ transmissions from the Master Plant teachers, Guided Meditation, Ritual, Breathwork, Deep Enquiry Groups & Partner work 

* Awaken the wisdom and power of your heart 

* Experience deep connection with others, with all life, and the true meaning of Yoga ~ union with your spirit - the part of you intimately connected to all that is 

* Reclaim your original innocence, allow your inner child to come out and play 

* Celebrate embodying your body temple with pure presence, passion & radiance! 

*Leave feeling lighter, freer, empowered, clear on your purpose and path 

Our retreats are suitable for all ages and levels of experience, all we need is an open heart. We always have a team of experienced, loving beings to support in the ceremonies and entire journey. Great care will be taken to ensure that everyone feels prepared for the ceremonies, has support in integration and feels safe and comfortable at all times. All are welcome!