Keys for a loving and powerful integration


You are the change we've been waiting for. 

As we say, the most important thing is how we integrate the expansive love that we felt into our daily lives.  

This can be with compassionate, loving kindness to ourselves - honoring our body temples with good food, more time in nature, letting go of social media addictions, taking the time to do the spiritual practices that nourish us...

And this can be in how we interact with others - taking the time to be really present with our loved ones, being more generous with our expressions of love, maintaining equanimity when we are challenged by someone....

I would like to suggest a partner system as a way to keep the support for our integration strong, and to help us be accountable with what we wish to shift in our lives, and what we are creating in our lives.

So the game will go something like this:

1. Choose a partner from our group and communicate with this person to agree to be partners.

2. Create a list of things you wish to be held accountable for and share it with your partner.

3. Connect in person, via Skype or email once a week for the next moon cycle to check in with each other, share how you are feeling, and ask how you have been with your list. 

If you went into old patterns, share that with compassion and no judgement and speak what is alive for you.  Honestly sharing where we are in the moment helps us to feel where are, reflect and receive insight.

I pray this helps us all be more powerful embodiments of love, every moment of every day!

I look forward to staying connected and weaving the magic of the Love-olution with you around the world!

All of our family from the gathering is included in this thread to stay connected.  My Facebook name is Rachel Lovelove and our Love-olution Fb page is

Mucho Amor!