Coaching / Mentoring

One on One Sessions with Ixchel

Are you ready to release the self limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back and step into a more liberated, empowered and peaceful way of living?

I am here to support you in experiencing a profound return to wholeness. You will be held in a safe, compassionate and loving environment with no judgement where all of you is welcome.  

We can work in a traditional coaching format as well as incorporate special sessions of breathwork, somatic therapy, ceremony & ritual to create lasting transformation on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental levels.

Some of my specialties are identifying, clearing and reprogramming unconscious beliefs & patterns, support with integration of ceremonial experiences, relationship & couples counseling, womb clearing & activation and guidance on stepping more powerfully into your purpose.

We'll work together on creating new empowering programs that are in alignment with your truth to replace the unconscious self limiting ones. I will share tools that can become your foundation for carrying deep peace with you into your daily life.  

You may choose to do a single session or a package of sessions to dive deeper into potent transformation.

Sliding scale:  $108 - $222 per hour

You can pay whatever you wish in that range. Please contact me for a partial scholarship if this is beyond your reach at the moment.

One on One Sessions with Dustin

Some of the most important and influential people in my life have been my coaches, mentors, and teachers.

They supported me in getting through many difficult times in my life and consistently pushed me past my perceived level of limitation (comfort zone) to reach new heights and achieve my goals.

In times of internal darkness and external trial, they remained steadfast in their positive reflection and compassionately held me accountable for my actions.

The best coaches I have had saw the absolute best in me and were fully devoted to unlocking the potential that lies within - this inspiration has kept me focused, spiraling onward and upward.

My Vow to YOU!

*I'm here to listen intently and provide a space of radical acceptance, authenticity, and safety.

*I'm here to reflect from a equanimous space of compassion & non-judgment.


*I'm here to guide you towards your greatest purpose and inspire you to be the best human you can be.

*I'm here to hold you accountable for your own growth and conscious evolution.

*I'm here to inspire you to slow down, breathe deeper, and provide practical tools to move and channel mental, emotional, and physical energy so that you can experience a greater sense of peace within.

*I'm here to support your emotional intelligence and help you remember how to listen to your heart.

*I'm here to show up as your brother with loving support in all ways and share everything that I've gathered throughout my years of seeking, searching, and finding.

Exchange:  $108 per session (sessions are between 60-75min.)

Please contact me if this exchange is beyond your reach at the moment.


ALL of you is welcome - the Loveolution experience is a safe space of non-judgement

where we can strip away our masks and truly come home to ourselves.

© 2018 Loveolution