Loveolution Cacao Ceremonies

loveolution cacao ceremony true nature 2.jpg

We can offer a LOVEolution Cacao Ceremony at your retreat, festival or special event with a theme to support your intentions.

Get ready to open your heart with the medicine of pure cacao, ritual, song and dance! Loveolution Cacao Ceremonies are infused with deep devotion, celebration and authentic embodiment of the pure love that we are.

Together we create a prayer field of RADICAL LOVE, to awaken the wisdom of the heart, enter into the vibration of unity, where oneness is not just a concept, but a tangible feeling of connection to all life. 

We open with a medicine wheel ritual, flow into heart opening partner yoga & ecstatic dance where we dance our prayers for our lives and the world. We conclude with live music, with a full band that we can all sing along to as one heart, one spirit, one family!