* Our Story *

Ixchel & Dustin are here to serve humanity to gracefully make the transition from duality to oneness by inspiring and empowering people to activate their full potential, embody their divinity & awaken the wisdom of the heart. 

They weave together their passions, offering LOVEOLUTION ceremonies, workshops and retreats around the world with indigenous wisdom teachings, cacao ceremonies, yoga, dance, breathwork, meditation, sound healing, singing circles, sweat lodge, satsang & sharing circles. 

They are inspired to share all the things they are learning in their relationship with THE YOGA OF RADICAL LOVE private sessions, workshops & retreats.  Bridging the masculine teachings of mindfulness & non-dualism with the more feminine path of Tantra, infused with deep devotion they share practical tools for cultivating deeper intimacy, conscious communication, conflict resolution, keeping love & gratitude alive, and tantric sexuality. 

Their passion for transformation and the love they share creates a powerful container of safety to inspire spontaneous joy & authentic embodiment of the truth of who we are – pure love.

Ixchel Love


Ixchel embodies the essence of Ma, exuding unconditional love, in her soft, yet fierce grace and authenticity. She is passionate about bringing community together with ceremonial workshops, sharing music, yoga, breath work, and ancient teachings for awakening the wisdom of the heart.   Deep peace emanates from her being - just being in her presence helps to find that place of stillness, emptiness, and connection to your essence.

Over the years, she has both been a student of and taught Permaculture, Living foods and Herbalism, Yoga, Breathwork, Women’s embodiment and Tantra workshops and retreats, led Kirtans and shared her own songs in retreats, workshops & festivals and facilitated Sweat Lodge & Ceremonies.  She has been on the path of Yoga and Self Enquiry for 20+ years and a student of the master plants for 14 years. 

Ixchel is the mother of Kavi, her precious 12 year old sun, Soma Café, the Ubud community hub for gathering, music jams and inspiration & a community where she has lived for the past 12 years. 

She is currently working on two books, Radical Love, Tools for Deepening Intimacy and Authenticity in Relationship & Living the Loveolution. Ixchel offers private sessions with life path coaching to support in transforming limiting patterns, stepping into your power on your path of service, and creating the life of your dreams. She also offers relationship counseling to support couples and individuals in living the most authentic, passionate, deeply connected, nourishing intimate relationship of their lives.

Music is one of Ixchel's greatest passions.  She has always loved singing, and in 2012 when Venus, the Sun and our Earth aligned in a way that happens once every 26,000 years, she began receiving songs from Spirit.  She is working on Venus Rising, her first album of devotional medicine music that weaves English lyrics, Mantras, Native and South American influences.


Dustin Kyle Brooks


Dustin's powerful presence, radiant smile, and deep sensitivity make him a peaceful warrior whose presence you can relax in.  He is dedicated to spreading light, love and supporting people on their path of remembrance.

His journey of discovery began with a deep connection to the physical body. While attending university, he played baseball and studied the intricacies of the human body, earning a degree in Exercise Science. He was fortunate enough to play a role with the 2012 World Series winning team, the San Francisco Giants as a strength and conditioning coach, fulfilling a lifetime dream. The futility he experienced behind this perceived pinnacle point was a powerful wake up call.

His spirit was crying out for much more than what his physical, material lifestyle was offering him and he decided to step away from baseball to travel the world. He followed his heart to India & SE Asia, where he completed his Yoga Teacher Training, became immersed in the esoteric teachings of meditation, Ayurveda, Buddhism and studied different forms of bodywork techniques. Attending many meditation retreats, living in an ashram and monastery has supported him in living life from a place of deep connection to his center.

After being exposed to the indigenous ways of prayer and connection to Spirit, he's been deeply immersed in the ancient ways of communing with the elements. Dustin's ancient soul has been awakened and is walking a clear path towards self-realization through his dedication to selfless service, disciplined study, active embodiment, and open-hearted authentic expression.

Dustin holds brotherhood gatherings, called the MANifestation, which are focused on masculine embodiment practices, creating safe space for supportive sharing, and weaving the ways of our ancestors in communion with the elements. He believes coming together as men in a space free of competition and full of compassion is an important aspect of bringing a greater sense of balance upon this planet.